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The Carriages Collection

The Carriage Collection of Villa di Maser offers to the Visitors a chance to see about 30 vehicle from the 19th and 20th centuries.
The use of animals for transportation was the norm quite recently, and numerous vehicles were used at Villa di Maser for daily life.
With the arrival of the car, such modes of transport quickly fell into disuse. Was Conte Enrico Luling Buschetti, through his great passion for horses, that decide to preserve and collect them, restoring and collecting new ones. Most notable elements in the collection are the postal carriages (we have all seen used in westerns!) and the Brougham, nicknamed the brùm, which was a common mode of transport used in Milan in the 1900’s.

About 5 minutes by walk through the hills.

For information about the opening times from April to October please contact
The Collection is closed from November to March.